Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hot Tricycle Gone Wild

Look at this hot Gomez tricycle trying to blend with the municipal furniture in downtown Devonport. But you can't blend when you're this amazing. I bet that thing owns at the farmers market. Just taking KILOS of potatoes in that basket. I'm sweating.

Monday, May 1, 2017

#30DaysOfBiking Part II

With our bike handling skills returning and the nights growing cooler, Ginger and I continued with 30 Days of Biking on our quest to once again become Bike People. Returning to bicycling after so long was a treat, there's no other way to describe it. I knew I'd missed it but I didn't realise just how much until we moved somewhere it was possible to get the bikes out of the house without a team of Sherpas. Every day I tried to think of an errand or appointment to complete by bicycle and if I couldn't, we simply rode around the neighbourhood. Recording and hash-tagging our adventures gave me extra motivation, as did seeing the collected pictures and videos of all our fellow cyclists in both hemispheres. Whether it was around the block or a marathon, you could take a daily trip around the world on two (or three!) wheels by visiting the hashtag. As a bonus, Google Maps for bicycle routes is finally reliable here. It took me around all of the hills instead of up them and had accurate time estimates for a sweat-free journey. Here's a sample of the rest of our April:


I laugh in the face of gym when I have BIKE.

Basil Basket still the most useful accessory.

The Stranger Things edition.

Out of the whole month, we missed 3 days due to being 200kms away from our bicycles. And we felt it keenly! 30 Days of Biking was an excellent way to get back into bicycling for transportation & pleasure. Now I just need a new headlight, as the Knog Boomer is on the way out…