Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Not)Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.

With record rainfalls for the month of August (which is not yet over) and even a few flakes of snow making an appearance within 20km of my North West Tasmanian town (very, very unusual), there has not been much winter sunshine of late. It's hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago Ginger and I were boasting about crisp yet sunny afternoons in defiance of the season. Now it's ALL RAIN, ALL THE TIME and I struggle to snatch some vitamin D between storms. While I am actually enjoying the rain I have misplaced my giant and ridiculous bicycling poncho and the weather report has been fairly useless at predicting showers so that any leisurely cycling risks a soaking. Aye, me! I'll just have to gaze longingly at this collection of Autumn/Winter beach themed rides from the last couple of months and keep hunting for that poncho!

First: Ulverstone Pier in late Autumn by the River Leven. Contrary to expectations, Leven does NOT rhyme with 'seven'.  Allegedly it is actually pronounced 'Leevin'.

'Bad Cat' on the water, how droll.
Better than Bad Wolf, I suppose.
They serve nice iced coffees here at 'Pier01'.

Next, a Winter afternoon in Burnie that ended in the best possible way: Meeting Ginger for fish and chips.

Rain threatened but never made it to land.
The sad end of Burnie bike path.

Lastly, to give you an idea of just how much hydrogen and oxygen has been cascading out of the sky over Tasmania, here is the waterfall near my town (Guide Falls). Captured last weekend BEFORE we broke rainfall records:


And here's me for scale, a fair distance away because the spray was so mad I could not get closer:

That Coat Pregnancy is actually pocket distention, I swear.

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