Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wheels on Fire.

Not too long ago, Ginger and I were taking a jaunt along the Turners Beach/Ulverstone path when we saw the most spectacular sunset over the fields. It was so striking that everybody we passed on the path had either their phone or a camera out trying to capture the mist gently curling around the long grass.

Once we tore ourselves away from the photo opportunity (sadly we were only phone equipped) we reached the end of the path and discovered the 'mist' was actually smoke from Turners Beach petrol station that was going up in flames. As Australians we should have recognised a smoke reddened sunset when we saw one but as said smoke was strictly confined to the fields, the smell didn't carry to the path. I'm sure there's a profound remark to be made here regarding beauty in unexpected places but I'm not the fart joke connoisseur to make it.

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  1. Great pics (love ya work), makes getting up early for a ride all worth while! James from Perth Vintage Cycles.