Friday, December 13, 2013

Was a Farmer Had a Bike, B - I - K - E - O?

Farmers markets being a delightful clash of suburban pretension and authentic livestock excrement, they are often excellent places for bike-spotting and the new Cradle Coast market does not look like being an exception. Held every Sunday on the wharf in Ulverstone, this latest edition to the north west Tasmanian market circuit is primed for bicycling shoppers as it's right next to the Leven River shared path. Sadly it's not accessible by bicycle to me but my own town also has a Farmers and lately I've seen a few people loading up bicycles as they circle the grounds, using them as shopping trolleys. I hope to join them one day when we live in a house where you could physically get a grocery loaded bicycle up the driveway. As it stands, getting an unloaded steel bicycle up to the door of our current residence is achievement in itself. I'd need to install a pulley to get it to the door with 10kg of potatoes and a few more of jam and cakes strapped to the back! In the meantime I've started 'collecting' the bicycles I see at markets. The variety I've seen so far (but not yet photographed as I only photograph unattended bikes) shows that there are many types of people adopting a bicycle/Farmers Market routine. Isn't that a happy thought?

The Recumbent/Trailer Combo, Burnie market.

The Affordable Vintage Revival, Ulverstone market.

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