Monday, May 1, 2017

#30DaysOfBiking Part II

With our bike handling skills returning and the nights growing cooler, Ginger and I continued with 30 Days of Biking on our quest to once again become Bike People. Returning to bicycling after so long was a treat, there's no other way to describe it. I knew I'd missed it but I didn't realise just how much until we moved somewhere it was possible to get the bikes out of the house without a team of Sherpas. Every day I tried to think of an errand or appointment to complete by bicycle and if I couldn't, we simply rode around the neighbourhood. Recording and hash-tagging our adventures gave me extra motivation, as did seeing the collected pictures and videos of all our fellow cyclists in both hemispheres. Whether it was around the block or a marathon, you could take a daily trip around the world on two (or three!) wheels by visiting the hashtag. As a bonus, Google Maps for bicycle routes is finally reliable here. It took me around all of the hills instead of up them and had accurate time estimates for a sweat-free journey. Here's a sample of the rest of our April:


I laugh in the face of gym when I have BIKE.

Basil Basket still the most useful accessory.

The Stranger Things edition.

Out of the whole month, we missed 3 days due to being 200kms away from our bicycles. And we felt it keenly! 30 Days of Biking was an excellent way to get back into bicycling for transportation & pleasure. Now I just need a new headlight, as the Knog Boomer is on the way out…

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