Monday, September 24, 2012

Orange Crush 2.0

Spotted on a perfect Spring Saturday strolling the Burnie boardwalk, this tangerine Electra:

You are sooo good looking.
We'd spent the morning seeing uninspiring hybrid after mountain bike rolling along next to the ocean, the casual riders wearing exercise clothes or safety vests but this Electra belonged to an ordinarily dressed lady sitting on a nearby bench, supervising family on the playground. There was a little childrens bike next to it. The bright pop of the frame made me smile and wish my own bicycle was with me. I was enamoured enough to ask her permission to photograph it and she was kind enough to allow me, even moving the little bicycle out of the way. As I'd already interrupted her conversation, I did not stop to ask where she'd purchased the cheerful Electra but I hope she didn't have to import it interstate. I like the thought of a Tasmanian repository for such joy dispensing machines.


  1. Ah! There has been a bright orange, Kross loopframe outside a boutique in London Court for over a year now. Every time I saunter past it I can't help but smile. I know it's not a classy colour, but, it is so happy who cares? I'd love a bright orange bike!

    1. Even though I personally prefer a cool colour palette, an orange or yellow loop frame just looks so joyous - like you, I can't help but smile when I see one.