Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nutcases and Australians Go Out in the Midday Sun.

Several heatwaves have swept Australia since Christmas so I thought it might be optimum time to test out the comfort of my new helmet. One of the reasons I'd been a bit reluctant to buy a 'full' style helmet was because Ginger had his stormtrooper version and had proclaimed it to be both heavy and HOT.

"Ve have vays oft making you bicycle!"

When the Nutcase Simi Mini Dots arrived I was pleased with its lightness but had no idea how it would feel in summer. I had resolved to find out ASAP but ended up only doing a short journey the first hot day. I waited a bit for a proper trial through the sun scorched paddocks between Ulverstone and Turners Beach.

First trip, The Nutcase. And her new helmet.
Just a short trip, coffee and picking up some shopping.

Despite the sea breeze the route is one of direct sun with little to no overhead trees and many wind breaks so it was a good sample of sweaty bike conditions in the very high 20s (Celsius. About 82 Farenheit). Also I am bad at forgetting to go slow once the joy of being on a bicycle hits me. It was fairly spectacular weather and we set off around midday, passing many happy Tasmanians leaping into the sparkling Leven river, enjoying the Ulverstone water-slide or frolicking on the beaches. I was more than a little sorry I had not brought my bathers.

Bathers regret at Ulverstone Surf Club.

Ulverstone Surf Club renovation has been completed and now offers a bank of unisex toilets as well as… A BIKE RACK! Wonders will never cease. Now it just needs a drink fountain and it will be the perfect pit-stop for everybody.

Ginger's Trek pretending to lock-up.

We cycled out to Le Mar café, enjoyed an icy drink in their alfresco area and zipped back. At no point did I think to myself, 'This helmet is too heavy/hot!'. It seemed to provide just as much ventilation as my other helmet, ie 'an okay amount when you factor in lots of dark hair attracting heat to your head'. The padded chin strap felt a lot more comfortable than my other helmet, not at all sweaty and the visor seemed to cut more sun. As always in an Australian summer, the best air-conditioning is constant movement paired with the occasional sea breeze. And of course I felt jaunty in my polka dots as well as more visible. I'm officially satisfied with my Nutcase purchase and would do so again.

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