Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Green Mile. (How do you get there?)

When there's nowhere official to park your bicycle, what to do? Lock up to any old thing outside? Or take it right into work and safely behind bars? That was the convenient solution for the owner of this (probably 1980s) Repco, sealed within an entry to Albert Hall in Launceston last spring.

Subsequently I couldn't get any closer to the cheerful vintage number, underlining its very effective security. Of course it's only my conjecture the rider was on business but regardless, if you had reason to lock-lessly leave your bicycle on the doorstep here, you probably would too:

Albert Hall - Launceston, Tasmania.
Photo from Wikipedia.
It rather makes the humble Repco feel regal, don't you think? It certainly makes you inclined to forgive the absence of an official bike rack.

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